What is travel affiliate program?

Recently, more and more often companies, now and then, provide us with the opportunity to receive additional income through our own affiliate programs. Have you ever wondered why they are doing this and what it gives them? What are the pros and cons of affiliate programs, and how, first of all, can this be useful to users? Let’s get it right.

What is travel affiliate program?

This is a form of business cooperation between the seller (company) and the partner, where the partner earns his percentage or a fixed amount from attracting new customers who have committed a specific target action.

Here are some advantages of the travel affiliate program:

  1. By attracting partners, you can significantly increase the volume of traffic, the number of leads, and, accordingly, the sale of the company, minimizing the risk of wasting the budget for nothing, you pay pay for the result.
  2. The ability to ban unwanted leads that harm the image of the company or positions in search results.
  3. Free PR-campaign, carried out through the appearance of various advertising materials on the partner’s sites on the network, the formation of the company’s image due to greater audience reach, promotion of company information on the Web

Here are some disadvantages of using affiliate programs:

  1. Loss of part of the profit; in addition to a fixed amount or percentage for the commission of the target action of the attracted client, it is necessary to reward partners with bonuses for generating high-quality leads;
  2. Unscrupulous partners can cheat. Quick and easy money making is attractive for many, therefore various frauds from partners are not excluded. It is very important at first to protect yourself from this problem, having thought through the promotion strategy as much as possible.
  3. Inconsistency with the expectations of attracted customers due to deliberate embellishment of your product by partners. The appearance of negative reviews about companies can adversely affect business development.
  4. Difficulty in tracking the quality and quantity of leads. The quality of leads can be low, and to verify it, managers will have to check each application manually.


The affiliate programs are actively developing. This niche is occupied as large players, i.e. extensive affiliate networks that mediate between the company and the partner, as well as private masters who work directly with the company.


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