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Best Chichen Itza tours Cancun Mexico: Reviews and Tips

Chichen Itza: the monumental complex with the most beautiful and well-preserved Mayan sites in the world. The ruins, belonging to UNESCO and representing one of the new Seven Wonders, are located in Mexico and, more precisely, in Yucatan area.

This region is known for the aridity of its landscape, while the ancient Maya town of Chichen Itza was built up in a real oasis, surrounded by natural water wells, called cenotes.

Chichen itza tours Cancun

The town was popular for about 600 years (from 600 a.C. to 1200 a.C.). In the last period of its history, the town was affected by a severe economic crisis that obliged its local citizens to make alliances with foreign strong forces which marked their decline.

Despite the violent wars that involved the town, Chichen Itza is the best world’s symbol of Mayan building where you can visit the Cenotes and also admire one of biggest pelota fields where local people were used to play this sport, considered to be the ancestor of modern football.

During spring and fall equinox, Chichen Itza is literally invaded by crowds of tourists because of the magnificent visual effect on Kuklkan Temple. In these year period, indeed, a unique interplay of light and shadow creates the illusion of a Feathered Serpent which represents the God the temple takes the name of.

Chichen itza tours from Cancun

Are you wondering what are the best tours of Chichen Itza from Cancun? Keep on reading and let’s discover our Chichen Itza tours from Cancun best day!

What are the best Chichen itza tours from Cancun?

Cancun is traditionally considered the main tourist arrival city and, at once, the starting point for discovering the treasures in the surrounding area. That’s why we created a wide range of excursions and among them we selected our best tours from Cancun to Chichen Itza and we are sure that you will find the one that suits you:

If you expect more than we have predicted in our tour list, please feel free to contact our Tour Managers and arrange a special program to fulfil your wishes.

We would be so glad in helping you to plan your Chichen Itza private tours from Cancun, by including all services you want the most. For example, if you come on a cruise ship and you want to reach the pier to sail on time, we can adjust itinerary and stops so that you cannot miss any secrets of Mayan culture…and your ship, of course!

How much are Chichen Itza tours?

Our tour prices start from 20 Euros per person. Our prices usually are considered as final; it means you do not need to pay any extra fees to fully enjoy your excursions.

In all countries where we operate, we have to comply with rules. Therefore, we inform you that in all our Cancun tours to Chichen Itza, visitors must pay a fee of 40 USD for Yucatan State Tax for Chichen Itza and Ekbalam, according the local regulations in force.

Chichen itza Cancun

All our tours feature an experienced local guide who will make you follow the ancient Mayan traces and, of course, a very comfortable mean of transportation. What else?

Oh yeah, we remind you that you do not even need to move for taking part in your Chichen Itza ruins tours from Cancun: if you stay in a city hotel or your cruise ship docks in Cancun, you will be picked up at your accommodation, located whether on land or sea.

Chichen itza from Cancun tour

What are you waiting for? Relax on your sofa and browse our proposals and start to plunge into Mayan mystery and enjoy the splendid landscape surrounding the archaeological site.

How to book tours for Chichen Itza tours from Cancun?

The advantages of booking your excursions on our platform are clear and immediate. MaskonTravel gives you the great opportunity to focus on your trip, with attention on local tourist stops to be discovered. We could sum up MaskonTravel benefits in few, but vital points:

  1. Cosy booking and payment in advance;
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  5. Compliance with your day schedule.

Browse now our website and choose your best tours to Chichen Itza from Cancun to make your next holiday unique and unforgettable. Get in touch with our Tour Managers: they will turn your desires into reality, because the world is beautiful and deserves to be explored!

Chichen itza from Cancun