Red light district Amsterdam

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Red Light District Amsterdam

Nowadays, exist many different sex shops, Strip shows, brothels, an exquisite condom store, a sex museum and prostitutes in red windows. But the center of Amsterdam, "Red Light District Amsterdam" is more than that. New opportunities create the future for the city center, which will show many qualities. Prostitution has a long tradition of tolerance in Amsterdam. Security is key here. In addition to preventing forced prostitution, the goal is an open and honest approach. Strip employees in Red Light District Amsterdam have their own trade union, a lot of police protection, an information center (also for visitors), frequent monitoring and testing, and professional standards.

The center of Amsterdam has a romantic image. But behind the fascinating, unconventional image of the center of the city, “everything goes” hides another reality - a reality that sometimes consists of sex trafficking, forced in Red Light District Amsterdam. This may be Amsterdam's the most famous are among many tourists attractions: it is known as “De Wallen”, or the Red Light District Amsterdam. In addition to pickpockets, the area is completely safe and secure. The most obsolete erotic theater is called "Casa Rosso" and till now it considers being the most loveable attraction by thousands of adult tourists. There is no age limitation for walking down the Red Light District Amsterdam, however, all shops are for adults and entertainment is not for minors.

Story of the Red Light District Amsterdam

Prostitution in Amsterdam is almost as old as the city itself. The history of the area goes to the sixteenth century. Already in the 15th century, and perhaps before, the first prostitutes came to earn some money in Amsterdam. Red Light District Amsterdam is the most obsolete part of the city. In the 16th century, the police made illegal extortion at the door. Sitting outside the window was permissible if the curtains were almost locked.

Red Light District Amsterdam – The Top Secrets

Red Light District Amsterdam is crowded with visitors and groups of tourists. It is better to travel in pairs or in a group, as the area also attracts some more ghostly characters. Take a map and take a chance, or if there is a desire to learn more, visit one of the many specialized excursions or discover the Red Light District Amsterdam famous and worldwide museum. This former brothel became a museum devoted to the prostitution. In fact, the visitors can feel themselves sitting in a window, to feel what it is like, working from a window in the area. The audio guide will teach them, the visitors, a lot against the backdrop of the district and about the prostitution itself. The museum will provide the visitors with a short but complete picture of this infamous area of Amsterdam.

There are certain rules for the safety of prostitutes and travelers to the Red Light District Amsterdam. It is forbidden to photograph women, and this is strictly observed. Although most famous and popular spots of the Red Light District Amsterdam is under the control of the police all day long, however, the hustlers are always here, looking for something precious. So be attentive and remember leaving all precious and expensive things at the hotel. Most of the people who work in this district, are usually live here. Everybody must show respect for the surrounded surroundings. They do not shout or make much noise here.

Red Light District Amsterdam Excursions

Take advantage of Red Light District Amsterdam excursion. This place is for those people who have a great desire to explore the city. The kind and experienced guides will meet his passengers. Every visitors will be informed and told about the history of the city. Every visitors will be taken to the most beautiful places. Take the use of Red Light District Amsterdam. Amsterdam's nightlife is quite famous. The city is more beautiful at night. The streets are full of many people and visitors. The music is always playing around and the atmosphere is just perfect for having much fun and for making the trip to Amsterdam more interesting and more memorable. So why not to try and have much fun? Enjoy time spent in the most beautiful place in the whole world and try everything offered. An ideal activity to participate.

Red Light District Amsterdam excursion is a unique and rather special excursion for those people who want to know more about Amsterdam. Find the hidden gems of the obsolete city with the help of a skillful conductor. Participated in many different shows, knows much about the sights of De Wallen.

Take a guided tour of the center in Red Light District Amsterdam. It is in the Oude Kerk right in the center of the area. There are two main reasons why people should choose these tours in comparison with other services:

The Prostitution Information Center, located in the same building, are organizations that help sex workers with all sorts of tips. They have workers who visit the strip girls every day to help them with tips on taxes, housing, health care and much more. Ordering a tour from them will help these organizations in their help to strip workers.

The information provided during the tour is mostly first-hand. In addition, guides try their best to avoid trouble with colleagues.

How does Red Light District Amsterdam work?

Everybody knows that exist a lot of mysteries in this particular part of Amsterdam, so now let's make some explanations and go in a little more detail and answer some most claimed questions. Red Light District Amsterdam is not a landmark. He has no entry or exit, but this is just a little neighbor. It mainly consists of two channels and several connecting lanes. In this area, people will find 18+ amusement, strip performances, sex stores and pubs in the shape of vitrines. In addition, visitors will find many luxurious cafes, pubs, and hotels. The place attracts many visitors who want to know the surroundings first hand.

Some of the most common queries about Red Light District Amsterdam:

1. Special hours?

The Red Light District Amsterdam is always freely accessible, as it is just an area on public ways. It does not have a closing time. Notwithstanding, if the visitors want to take advantage of the services of a sex worker, they better be there until 4:00 in the morning when the windows begin to close. Women working there being independent. That is why they can stop whenever and wherever they want in Red Light District Amsterdam.

2. How to order the service of sex workers?

If there is a great desire to utilize the services of strip employees in Red Light District Amsterdam, approach to the window to show that is interested. Soon, they will open the door to talk about their wishes. Have and show much respect to the workers. Remember employees have the right to refuse customers, do not take it as an individual. When being agreed on the type of service and price, they will let in. The visitors must pay cash in advance.

3. How much is it?

Strip employees in Red Light District Amsterdam can set prices themselves based on the wishes of clients. However, the rates start at 50 euros, for a brief time, some minutes. If having a certain request or need more time, the visitors will often be charged an additional fee.

4. Where is the Red Light District?

Red Light District Amsterdam area is constructed by 2 streets, which form the heart of Amsterdam: Oude Zijdsvoorburgwal and Oude Zijdsachterburgwal.

5. Red Light District Amsterdam is a safe and secure place?

Absolutely. Red Light District Amsterdam is secure both day and night. The only real threat in this area is theft. Due to the fact that the area is crowded with tourists and distracts attention, this area is very famous and well known among many pickpockets.

6. The main and essential laws of Red Light District Amsterdam? Any age limitation?

First of all, be respectful of the Red Light District Amsterdam and the people who live and work there. Below the visitors will find a complete list of what they can and can not do. About the age limitations: There is no age limit for the Red Light District Amsterdam itself, as it is generally available. Red Light District Amsterdam and sex workers are already under heavy pressure from growing tourism. Strip girls come to Red Light District Amsterdam to earn some money, and in fact, it is not very important that families look at their clients. For exhibitions, shops and brothels, of course, there is an age limit of 18 years and older.

7. What to do and what not to do in Red Light District Amsterdam

What to do in Red Light District Amsterdam:

Respect the workers

Do not take expensive things, leave them in the hotel

Do not make much noise

Visit a single coffee shop in this area

Ignore street dealers at once

What not to do in Red Light District Amsterdam:

No pictures with the workers

No alcohol out on the streets

Do not litter the streets

Do not knock on the windows

Do not stand too long in front of the vitrines

Red Light District Amsterdam is the most obsolete section of Amsterdam is widely known for its beautiful and lighted vitrines, which highlight scarcely dressed prostitutes showing and offering their services. All this is totally allowable as long as it remains in this designated area of the city.

Interesting Red Light District Amsterdam Events

The visitors, the tourists can do more in the bright lighted district than passing and going down the windows of prostitutes. Here is also the Museum of Prostitution, where everybody, in case of a great desire, can learn about this profession. Examine its history and take the great chance to stand outside the window. They being allowed to take photos, but of course, however, are not required to accept clients.

Want to know more about cannabis? At this time, visitors should visit the College of Cannabis. Here everybody will be acquainted with the history of the plant. The travelers, the visitors have an amazing chance to observe the plant growth.

Going down Red Light District Amsterdam is totally and completely secure. Countless policemen patrol in the place and the surroundings of Red Light District Amsterdam is for monitoring what is happening. Nevertheless, as in all populous places in big cities, there are pickpockets. Watch your personal belongings carefully. Taking photos of women doing their jobs here is not welcome. If traders turn on the street of Red Light District Amsterdam to suggests some goods or drugs, will be a great thing to refuse them at once. Such goods are almost always illegal or stolen, be sure. If detected, the police compel heavy fines on both the seller and the buyer. Follow these rules in order to have a great time in a unique area. Make your holidays unforgettable and very memorable in Amsterdam. Have much fun. Red Light District Amsterdam is an amazing and ideal choice for it. Nobody can miss this. It is the activity that everybody should take part in during their visit to Amsterdam. Make the trip unforgettable and remarkable.