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Barcelona Sagrada Familia Fast Track Guided Tour With Tower Access
Barcelona Sagrada Familia Fast Track Guided Tour With Tower Access
2 hours

Two-hours english guided tour of the Sagrada Familia, Learn the secrets of Antoni Gaudis life and work, Speed access to the Basilica, Access to the Tower, Enjoy beautiful panoramic views.

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From US$ 64.90
From US$ 64.90
Barcelona Sagrada Familia Premium Guided Tour with Entrance Ticket
Barcelona Sagrada Familia Premium Guided Tour with Entrance Ticket
90 minutes

Relax knowing your entry tickets, museum entrance and Sagrada Familia School access are all included. Benefit from priority access to Gaudis otherworldly Basilica. Enjoy a guided tour with an expert guide and a group no bigger than 20 people. Enter the Basilica at a time of the day when the light is at its best. Ask your tour guide for tips on what else to see and do in Barcelona at the end of the tour As you exit the Basilica you will hear about the Passion Faade, representing the story of Jesus crucifixion. Experience the drama of the Passion through the towers stark and angular sculptures. This faade, like most of the Sagrada Familia, was built after Gauds death. Head to Sagrada Familia Schools next, designed for the children of the workers building the Sagrada Familia. Hear how it was reconstructed more than once and even moved locations to make way for the Basilica. Your last stop will be the Sagrada Familia Museum,

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From US$ 93.22
From US$ 93.22
Barcelona Sagrada Familia Skip-the-line Guided Tour
Barcelona Sagrada Familia Skip-the-line Guided Tour
1.5 hour

Explore and enjoy the unfinished architecture of this monument protected by Unesco.

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From US$ 63.72
From US$ 63.72

La Sagrada Familia Spain tours: prices, duration and tips to make your visit unforgettable!

La Sagrada Familia is definitely the most majestic and stunning monument in Barcelona. This Gaudi’s masterpiece is still incomplete and works are expected to finish in 2026, the year that marks the centenary of the Spanish architect’s death.

The construction is partially declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this award is limited to the areas built by Gaudi.

Sagrada Familia Spain tours

The posthumous parts, following anyway the original architectural project, have been added later by other architects. Maybe Gaudi was aware that he would be not able to finish his work and that’s why he planned the whole façade with its 4 major towers.

Do you know the real aim of La Sagrada Familia? Even if it is always considered the new Basilica in Barcelona (it is proclaimed as a Basilica only in 2020 by Pope Benedict XVI), La Sagrada Familia is a temple of Christianity and it is not a case the monument will be the highest attraction of the city and the largest church in the world.

After this historical overview, let’s move to the physical structure of the Church. When you approach this huge monument, you will be charmed by its style, of course, but especially by its towers.

La Sagrada Familia

The temple is the consecration of Faith where Jesus’ life and the history of religion are represented. In fact, its 18 towers reflect the main characters of The Bible: 12 of them represent the apostles, 4 are the Evangelists, one is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the tallest one is the symbol of Jesus Christ that will be topped with a cross reaching a height of 172 meters.

Now that you had an overview from the upper parts, we want you to look at the gigantic façades. La Sagrada Familia has 3 façades. Each one represents a stage of Jesus’ life - Nativity, Passion and Glory – and has an entrance door (it is not still sure which door pilgrims and visitors will enter from).

If, on one hand, the exterior of La Sagrada Familia does not lack anything to be considered as a temple, the human mind is not able to imagine how astonishing the interiors can be.

La Sagrada Familia tours

Although Gaudi designed the Basilica on Gothic and Byzantine church models, La Sagrada Familia is full of light, colours and emotions. The modernist plan of the church looks like a very big Latin cross with 5 different naves.

The most striking elements are the columns reflecting the architecture of the Basilica that has no straight lines. Are you wondering why? The Church is an imitation of nature and the columns are the pillars of nature itself.

Another spectacular feature of La Sagrada Familia is the altar, where the crucified Christ does not look downwards as we are used to see, but his face is turned heavenwards to ask for God’s support.

best La Sagrada Familia tours

In order to enjoy the Church in its incredible beauty, you should choose one of our best La Sagrada Familia tours with a guide who can explain you all the messages encrypted in the several architectural wonders.

What are the best tours in Sagrada Familia?

La Sagrada Familia is the most visited venue throughout Spain. Therefore, if you plan a stop in the city of Barcelona, you cannot miss a trip in its Basilica. Here you can find our Basilica of the Sagrada Familia tours list:

Our guided tours of Sagrada Familia include the entrance ticket, it means that you don’t need to wait in queue to access the Church. Without booking your Sagrada Familia cathedral tours in advance, you risk to not find any tickets available or the time slot right for you.

We offer our best Sagrada Familia tours in English, but if you prefer another language, please contact our Tour Managers for your best Sagrada Familia guided tours. We will be glad to arrange your excursions according to your wishes!

best Sagrada Familia guided tours

How much are Sagrada Familia tours Barcelona?

Our tours to Sagrada Familia may vary from a minimum price basis of 20 Euro per person. The price changes as following local services are added:

  1. Skip the line ticket
  2. Number of participants (you can also choose a private tour with a guide only for you)
  3. Entrance ticket with access to the tower.

All the income of ticket fees is used to finance the on-going works of the Basilica.

We remind you La Sagrada Familia is a real Christian church, so visitors have to respect all relevant dress-code restrictions (no bare shoulders, no shorts, no swimwear, no exposed back or bellies).

How do you pick times for Sagrada Familia tours with tower?

Are you wondering if the access to the tower is worth? Of course, tours Sagrada Familia without the tower cannot be complete!

When you reach the top of the tower, the view will be breath-taking and you will also have the chance to give a look at the development of works!

tours to Sagrada Familia best time of day

We arrange our tours to Sagrada Familia best time of day so you can enjoy the Cathedral in its magnificence and be inspired by colours, style, opulence and artistic extravagance.

The entrance to the Tower is not suggested to people who suffer from claustrophobia and mobility problems. La Sagrada Familia is equipped with an elevator that takes you on the top of the tower, while you have to use a very narrow winding staircase to climb down.

When you go down, you will have the great opportunity remark the hidden structures chosen by Gaudi for his unique masterpiece. Browse our site and book the best Sagrada Familia Cathedral tours now at MaskonTravel!

best Sagrada Familia Cathedral tours