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Venice Falling In Love
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"Gondola Ride Venice" An unforgettable experience that Jennifer wanted to share with us

Venice, as for me is the most incredible and the romantic city ever. There are so many things been told about Venice that it seems there is nothing to add. However, I think it is not. You can talk about Venice forever. Everyone has their own memories, their own associations and their own ideas of this city. For me, Venice is a city of love. Here I realized that I really fell in love with this beautiful city.

Venice is on the water, among the many channels is possible only to move on a Vaporetto or on a gondola.

The streets of Venice are the canals of Venice. A special fascination is Gondola Ride Venice in the dark. The truth is that this pleasure is somewhat more expensive than the other ones. The palaces of Venice slowly descend into the water. Together with the palaces to the bottom goes and simple houses. Roaming the streets of Venice is more romantic on a gondola. The gondola is a symbol of Venice.

A city trip to Venice had been on my wishlist for over 3 years, however, every time there was something happened and I could not make the trip come true.

This Spring, I made it come true. First, it could be said that the trip along the Grand Canal was one of the most striking sights of Venice because along the way I saw the most wonderful places of interest in Venice. Passing by, I saw the wonderful buildings of Ca 'Pesaro, Ca' d'Oro and Ca 'Rezzonico, the worldwide Rialto Bridge, several beautifully decorated churches and, ultimately, Piazza San Marco Square.

Being in this amazing city, I decided to take advantage of Gondola Ride Venice. Believe, the money will be well spent. All gondolas in Venice have strictly defined dimensions: 11 meters long and 1.4 meters wide. They are made of several valuable types of wood, especially it is the valuable detail of the gondola as it is the key. This is where the paddle is inserted.

I decided to take a gondola in the heart of the island in order to see the wonderful canals.

I sat down near the Hard Rock Cafe. The route went past the house of Casanova and the house where Mozart stayed during the Venice festival. During the ride, my professional gondolier showed us the historical places in Venice. I also went to Canal Grando and passed under the Rialto Bridge. The gondolier willingly answered any questions and even gave me a steer.

Price 80 euro for 35 minutes before 19:00 and 100 after 19:00 - bargaining is useless and not accepted. It is worth it, believe me! Half an hour seemed to be a little, so I extended for another half an hour. A maximum of 6 people can fit in the boat, although initially it was assumed that there should be only 2 passengers. I was allowed opening my own wine. Gondoliers spoke fluently in English. Therefore, deciding to take Gondola Ride Venice, you can discuss the route in advance in any language. As a rule, the gondolier will take you wherever you wish.

On my last day, I also visited the Scuola Grande di San Rocco museum.

All 54 paintings were executed by grandmaster Tintoretto, and it took 23 years to create this masterpiece. The large room was filled with beautiful paintings that you could admire for hours. In the meeting room dominated a huge picture, which depicts the crucifixion of Christ Majesty. This museum was necessary for any art lover.